Starting the 6th period of the Youth Centre of Kalamata


Came in September and it is time to open again, for the 6th consecutive year , the Youth Center of Kalamata ! As always , so this year , the team of volunteers KNK will offer a variety of workshops which anyone may attend free.

This year the audience will be able to attend dance workshops ( Latin , folk , hip-hop, RnB, modern ) , music (guitar, bouzouki , folk music and music- therapy and other ) arts ( painting, drawing , design), exchange language skills (English , Spanish , Lithuanian, Serbian , Turkish, German, Slovenian , Arabic, Greek for foreigners etc. ) and Greek Sign Language , Yoga , Creative Employment for children and much more. Classes will begin the last week of September and the first week of October.

More information about the Youth Center of Kalamata one can find in

Registration will begin on September 16 and will be Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 17:00 to 21:00. As everyone knows, the Youth Center is an open social space based solely on volunteering. So the records will be made by volunteers and since the previous year written 2000 members , we ask for and assist the public on the proper functioning of the records. Unfortunately therefore limited space and the nature of the task, can only cover 500 locations in 35 laboratory modules for workshops so that there is more demand, first served basis .

What is the Youth Center of Kalamata ?

The KNK is a voluntary structure , an open lounge, which aims to provide learning opportunities and cultural and social empowerment , without the mediation of financial transaction. It is a living organism that develops from the same members and volunteers . For this reason, every year is different, more alive, more organized and more workshops and activities!

The KNK is a private initiative and has received absolutely no funding from local, national or European bodies. At present, and until it can become an independent financial structure, supporting its members, the organization KANE friends KNK and small unfunded activities . The output unit of KNK is rent the space that housed the repairs and improvements of space and utilities and heating bills . Apart from local volunteers , the daily operating needs of the area , help and volunteers who come from all over Europe and beyond. Anyone who wants to help the Youth Center of Kalamata be viable, may offer a voluntary donation of £ 10 for the records. This amount is not compulsory and Youth Center of Kalamata required to issue a donation receipt . Youth Center of Kalamata as always, continues to offer workshops to share knowledge totally free without any financial commitment from the participants.

The management of the KNK is from the group of 50 volunteers which of course is open to anyone who wants to engage more actively in the live process.

The team of volunteers Youth Centre of Kalamata


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