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Hi my friend, how are You?

Interested in Youth Centre of Kalamata, but don’t understand Greek – no worry, here is the tip’s for You to get around here with pleasant emotions 🙂

– Translations of English of all texts are placed after Greek ones [exept main menu], You’l see it later on, if you surf around our site. It’s bilangual also to make integration to Greek society more easy through learning to understand Greek better!

– As You see our main menu is totally in Greek -small language lesson for You as wel- due that here it the meanings of titles. Find info that interest you and click on it, simple as that:

ΤελευταίαΝέα / Latest Info

Kέντρο Νέων / Youth Centre

Ώρες / Opening Hours

Εργαστήρια / Workshops


Eπαφή / Contact

Thats it, we hope You find this site useful and in case of feedback, don’t hesitate to give it to us through Eπαφή / Contact


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